Best Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes, easy right? How can you screw them up? Take it from the girl who thinks they belong in a food group of their own… Things can get ugly, very quickly.

A few tips:
Choose wisely – I usually go with the new potatoes (little red guys) but the problem is they can’t hang in the oven to stay warm or they turn into wallpaper paste. Go with the medium red guys.

Tip #2: Water isn’t invited to this party. You cover the tots with chicken broth.

Tip #3: If your a garlic mashed kind of person, don’t add minced garlic at the very end. Throw the whole cloves in with the potatoes. They absorb the flavor better.

Tip #4: SALT! Add it to the boiling water. If you’ve diced your potatoes, be careful because now there’s more surface area for them to absorb the salt.

Tip #5: Bay leaves. It adds a subtle flavor and it makes them yummy.

Tip #6: A tiny bit of nutmeg. Nutmeg goes a looooooooong way so just a tiny sprinkle should be added when they’re mashed.

Lastly, heat your butter, milk, salt and pepper, beforehand. It helps the tots stay hot. You an also add the nutmeg at this point.

Nothing goes better with that canned corn than a pile of yummy mashed potatoes. 🙂

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