Chicken Tarragon




Imagine a recipe in a catalog that actually convinced me to by the skillet they were advertising? Well it happened and 10 years ago when the Williams Sonoma catalog arrived one day.

This dish is so easy and always gets rave reviews. I made it tonight and people always laugh when I tell them where it came from. So there you have it…. A great dish prepared in my amazing all-clad pans. 🙂

A few things to keep in mind:

1.) Double the sauce. It’s a must.
2.) Use the juice from half a lemon.
3.) Salt! Think about it…. You obviously season the chicken but that’s not enough to season the sauce.
4.) A splash of white wine is yummy (and worth the sacrifice).
5.) As the chicken rests, juices will accumulate. Add them to the sauce.

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