Bacon Bowl with Eggs and Simple Greens

Cheers to our first contributor, my sister (let’s call her Pippy). She texted me her culinary journey today and I just had to share.

Her friend stopped by for breakfast and joked about an infomercial he’d seen, where they were selling a special bowl to form a bacon bowl. Seriously? Well I Googled it and it’s true.

She used a simple kitchen bowl (I’d recommend a Pyrex bowl, especially since it cooks at a high heat). image

She wrapped the bacon around the
bowl. image

Notice the Pyrex dish it was set in? It’s a must unless you want a crazy grease fire.

Put it in a 375 degree oven until the bacon is crunchy (I like mine charred so I’d go for a good 25-30 minutes).


Our friend, Cooper, is a huge fan of bacon.

My sister then scrambled some eggs, chopped some fresh parsley, dressed a salad with Green Goddess dressing, toasted some bread, and that was it!

Very pretty, Pippy, very pretty. 🙂


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