Spinach and Goat Cheese Tarts

Food network has a few goodies, occasionally. This is one of them. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, however.

1.) When adding your garlic to the shallots, don’t to it until the shallots are just about finished. Garlic always goes last and it’s done as soon as you can smell it.

2.) Don’t add the egg yolks to the melted goat cheese until it’s cooled for at least 10 minutes. A little fun fact that’s not mentioned in the original recipe. No one likes scrambled eggs in their goat cheese. Goat cheese in scrambled eggs is a different story.

3.) Forget about dealing with the phyllo dough (unless you just feel like torturing yourself). Athens makes frozen phyllo cups. Do yourself a favor and get some. It will save a good hour.


OK, so here we go!


Didn’t thaw the frozen spinach, like me? No worries. Just thaw it slowly in the microwave. Like 5 minutes on 30%, stirring it occasionally.

Be sure to strain all of the water.


Once the shallots, garlic, flour, white wine vinegar and goat cheese have melted, resist putting a straw in the creamy mixture and beat those egg yokes.


Next add in the spinach.


Time for some egg whites. Stiff peaks, people, stiff peaks.


GENTLY fold them into the spinach. Egg whites will add volume. Let’s keep it that way.


And now for the finished product (picture courtesy of Food Network as I’m waiting until tomorrow night to fill the shells and bake).

Fill each shell with a little parm, add the spinach and then a little more parm. I prefer to garnish them with uber thinly sliced red bell pepper. It is Christmas, after all. 🙂


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