Profiteroles with Mascarpone and Ricotta


Ina vs Giada! Ina wins the profiterole round but Giada wins for tastiest filling. Here’s how the match went down….


Ina’s pastry recipe was incredibly easy and if you follow the directions, it’s foolproof. Her filling was nothing more than a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nothing wrong with that! Her sauce was semisweet chocolate with honey and coffee. Nothing wrong with that, either.

Giada’s recipe was made with Nutella and hazelnuts. Um, I’m pretty sure that’s a winner but if I had a jar of Nutella in this house, you’d find me in a corner, licking the jar clean. Hazelnuts aren’t easy to find, either.

Giada’s filling was ricotta and mascarpone. Enough said.

I compromised and used Ina’s pastry and chocolate sauce with Giada’s filling. I wanted something crunchy so I used chopped almonds. It took all of 30 minutes to make and is absolutely delicious.

I’ll provide both links and let you decide. In the meantime, let’s look at some pretty (and tasty!!) pictures….


Yes, you actually ‘dump’ all the flour in at once, while the milk and butter are on low.


The key is to stir with a wooden spoon until the flour starts coating the bottom of the pan.


Now this might seem odd but you throw the warm dough into a processor and add the room temp eggs…. I thought I’d end up with a scrambled mess but that wasn’t the case! The eggs have to be room temp.


I think I’ve purchased 10 pastry bags over the years and I can never find one when I need one so I bought yet another…. A small zip lock bag, with a corner snipped, will also do the trick.


I made half the recipe and ended up with 7 delicious mounds of yumminess.


While they were baking, it was time to melt some semisweet chocolate with heavy cream, honey, and Kailua (coffee works as well).



I tackled the filling next… Simple: ricotta, mascarpone, sugar and vanilla. I put it in the freezer to chill while the chocolate was melting and the profiteroles were doing their thing.


After the recommended cooking time, LEAVE them in the oven (after shutting off the heat) for 10 minutes. It’s like a cheesecake… If you don’t do as instructed, it will fall flat, literally.


I chopped some almonds while I waited for them to cool.



Then came the filling and chocolate.


Done and DONE! 🙂

Enjoy and see you in a few weeks, after a serious kitchen reno!


Giada (Stephen’s favorite… Go figure):

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