Tomato & Goat Cheese Tarts

Well she did it again….Ina rocked my world. Does this woman EVER Ago wrong??

Let’s review some facts. I don’t like goat cheese. I’m not a huge fan of whole tomatoes (even when they’re smothered in cheese), and I don’t like goat cheese. Well I will never utter the above statement again.

These are easy, damn delicious and they look stunning!!!

First up, caramelize the onion and garlic, over medium-low heat. This is going to take a while (at least double the time suggested in the recipe). It has to be slow and low so as not to burn the garlic.
Next, take the thawed puff pastry and gently unfold it. Flour your surface and roll it out, maybe two or three passes. You don’t want it too thin.

Take a small saucer or metal ring to make nice, even circles in the dough. With a six inch ring, I managed to make 8 small discs from the two sheets of puff pastry,

Next, score (without cutting all the way through!) the dough, to create a 1/4″ border. Use a fork to poke holes inside the border.


This is done so the edges will puff up around the filling.

Spread the onion and garlic mixture, add the goat cheese (garlic and herb highly recommended), place a single tomato slice in the center, brush with olive oil, add shaved parm and top with basil.



Bake them up and enjoy! Foolproof and insanely tasty!


Be sure to watch the video and here are some helpful tips, when dealing with puff pastry.

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