Pesto Mint Pasta

Sounds like an odd combo, right?? My sister makes this often and so I decided to give it a whirl.

Although this could be served cold, I am not a fan of ‘pasta salad’. Pasta tastes better hot, especially with the subtle favors of this recipe so don’t chuck it in the fridge. Eat it hot or even at room temp and you can thank me later.

First comes the pesto. I’m going with my girl, Ina, for this one.

Next up? 2 boxes of pasta. Any shape will do. I’ve used fusilli, ziti, etc., and all were perfect with the thin sauce..

When draining the pasta, reserve about half a cup of the water.

When the pasta has slightly cooled, add two beaten eggs, the reserved pasta water, a quarter cup of good olive oil, 2 cups of pesto, a packed cup of chopped basil, a quarter cup of mint, a cup of Parmesan cheese , a quarter cup of pine nuts, salt and pepper to taste and finally, 3 cups of quartered grape tomatoes.

That’s it!!!! Now go eat!


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