Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Buttery Cream Cheese Frosting

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend visiting friends in Vermont. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner and one seriously amazing dessert….carrot cake. It wasn’t all busy with nuts and exotic golden raisins. It was straight up moist carrot cake. By far the best I’ve ever had.

The moistness was insane and our host pointed out that the additional water content from the just-picked-from-the-garden carrots probably made the difference. They were things of beauty.


On Sunday, she picked some more and packaged them up for us. I was hell bent on recreating that cake….in the form of a cupcake .

Being the impatient person I am, I couldn’t wait for her to respond to an email, asking where she obtained this amazing recipe, I began my hunt on the web. Ina had one but the reviews were shockingly marginal. Most said their cupcakes sunk in the center but after a lot of research, I figured this was because they didn’t fully incorporate the baking powder and baking soda with the flour and salt.

I read reviews of other recipes where people said the metallic taste of the baking powder and soda were overwhelming.

I read recipes that said to shred the carrots on the smallest side of a box grater.

I read recipes that said to shred the carrots on the largest side of a box grater.

I just wanted some damn cupcakes!!!!

So I will share with you NOT what I ended up using for a recipe but what she used to make her cake. I now realize you should not mess with perfection.

Things started off, similarly…..eggs, flour, sugar, salt. Where things went terrible wrong was the quantity of the baking powder and soda. The recipe I used called for two teaspoons of each. I should have realized that was way too much but again, I’m impatient as hell and just COULDN’T wait for that reply.

Maybe it’s a preference thing because my guests loved them (even took some home with them) and the remaining cupcakes went off to work with Stevo the next day, where coworkers also apparently thought they were great. Me? Not so much.


Whatever recipe you use, it is very important to either sift all your dry ingredients, (minus the sugar), or whisk like hell.


I shredded the carrots using the largest grater.


It was now time to fill the pan!




At 350 degrees, for 30 minutes, they baked up beautifully.

Now on to the frosting. I used two sticks of butter, 16oz of cream cheese, 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract and 2-3 cups of confectionary sugar (depending on how sweet you like your frosting). Make sure the cream cheese and butter are VERY soft.

Using a hand mixer, I beat the frosting until it was smooth.


Once the cupcakes were completely cooled, I lathered the frosting all over them. Yum!!


So again, I won’t bore you with the recipe I used….I’ll send you right over to the page that contains a seriously yummy carrot cake recipe.


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