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My brother recently said to me, 'You are to cooking what Stevie Wonder is to music'.....I often cook blindly, (essentially, my pallet is very limited), but I can cook anything. Sure, I taste as I go but I also feel as I go. For example, I wouldn't eat a scallop but I know when they're done by feeling them. And the sauce that I serve with the scallops will be amazing. :) I don't know when I got into cooking. I'd like to think I've always been decent but that's a lie. Maybe it was my love of stormy winter afternoons. If you're stuck in the house, what else are you going to do? My ideal day is a serious cooking challenge, good tunes, a glass of wine and a hungry husband. I'd be fibbing if I said I didn't have any formal training. However, I will use the term 'formal' lightly. My major in college was Hotel, Restaurant, Travel Administration. I was required to take a lot of courses that involved deboning chickens, filleting fish, knife skills, etc. You can imagine how enjoyable that was at 8am on a Friday morning. My dream was to own a B&B, where I'd be the chef, the plumber, the host and the candlestick maker. It still is a dream but it doesn't exactly pay the bills (yet!). Ever since high school, I've worked for hotels, catered, managed a B&B but then life took a detour. I needed a big girl job. Today, I am an IT geek but I still adore cooking and feeding family and friends. My husband, "Stevo", is the "food shopper", (he actually really likes it!!), I'm the resident chef and he's the cleaner. Its a great gig.

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